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PI3K inhibition circumvents resistance to SHP2 blockade in metastatic triple-negative breast cancer

The protein tyrosine phosphatase SHP2 activates oncogenic pathways downstream of most receptor tyrosine kinases (RTK) and has been implicated in various cancer types. Although allosteric inhibitors of SHP2 have been developed and are currently being evaluated in clinical trials, neither the mechanisms of the resistance to these agents, nor the means to circumvent such resistance have been clearly defined. The PI3K signalling pathway is also hyperactivated via activation of RTKs in breast cancer and contributes to resistance to anticancer therapies. We therefore assessed the effect of targeting PI3K and SHP2 alone or in combination in preclinical models of metastatic TNBC. In addition to the beneficial inhibitory effects of SHP2 alone, dual PI3K/SHP2 treatment decreased primary tumor growth synergistically, blocked the formation of lung metastases, and increased survival in preclinical models. Mechanistically, transcriptome and phospho-proteome analyses revealed that resistance to SHP2 inhibition is mediated by PDGFR?-evoked activation of PI3K signalling. Altogether, our data provide a rationale for co-targeting of SHP2 and PI3K in metastatic TNBC.

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