Welcome to Charly Jehanno

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Molecular biologist by training, Charly splits his studies between the University of Rennes 1 and Lyon 1 in France. After a master degree in molecular and cellular oncology, he started a 3 years PhD at the IRSET Institute, in Rennes, under the supervision of Dr Denis Michel. His research focused on estrogen receptor alpha and aimed to better understand how micro environmental hypoxia can drive hormone resistance in breast cancer cells. He also identified MKL1, a transcriptional co-activator activated after E-Cadherin disruption, capable of converting epithelial luminal to basal cell identity, thereby enhancing tumor cell malignancy. After defending his PhD last December, Charly left the softness of Brittany for this exciting challenge as Post-doc in Momo’s lab where he will be working on epigenetic mechanisms underpinning tumor cell heterogeneity and anti-cancer drug resistance.