EU-LIFE Translational Working Group

logoeulifeEU-LIFE is an alliance of 13 top research centers in life sciences to support and strengthen European research excellence. Initiated in 2012, the alliance officially kicked off on the 29th of May 2013 in Barcelona.

Partners in EU-LIFE are renowned research centers that operate with similar principles of excellence, external reviews, independence, competitiveness, and internationality. During difficult economic times and within a highly competitive international research landscape, we decided to join forces to address complex questions, thereby contributing to pushing European science forward.


FACTS & FIGURES ABOUT THE NETWORK (data at the end of 2014)

  • 13 Partner Institutes
  • 7,234 scientists and support personnel
  • 533 Group Leaders
  • 3,408 publications
  • 97 running ERC Grants
  • 15 running coordinated EU-Projects