When artists meet cancer research scientists

In an effort to outreach to the public and bridge between disciplines, we often discuss our research questions and/or findings with artists. The results of such exchanges are represented here by some of their art”

Um die Öffentlichkeit zu erreichen und eine Brücke zwischen den Disziplinen zu schlagen, diskutieren wir häufig unsere Forschungsfragen und / oder -ergebnisse mit Künstlern. Die Ergebnisse eines solchen Austauschs werden hier durch einige ihrer Kunstwerke dargestellt. “

Dans un effort pour sensibiliser le public et faire le pont entre les disciplines, nous discutons souvent de nos questions de recherche et / ou de nos résultats avec des artistes. Les résultats de ces échanges sont représentés ici par une partie de leur art “

Nel tentativo di raggiungere il pubblico e creare un ponte tra le discipline, spesso discutiamo le nostre domande di ricerca e / o le nostre scoperte con gli artisti. I risultati di tali scambi sono qui rappresentati da parte della loro arte “

Art 1: Terra incognita. Scientists are explorers that know that there is something there that needs to be discovered. Artist: Nathalie Laschet: http://www.nathalielaschet.com

Art 2: Breast. A schematic of a human breast. This drawing has been used for the logo of the ENBDC and BBC. Artist: Nathalie Laschet: http://www.nathalielaschet.com

Art 3: Cell Roses. Inspired from a picture of invasive breast cancer cells grown as 3D culture and published in Aceto et al. Nature Medicine. Artist: Nathalie Laschet: http://www.nathalielaschet.com

Art 4: Dissemination. Inspired by the studies of Britschgi et al., published in Cancer Cell on drug resistant metastasis. And reviewed in Drug resist updates. Artist: Nathalie Laschet: http://www.nathalielaschet.com

Art 5: Maternity. Inspired by the studies of Meier-Abt et al. on the protective effect of an early pregnancy on breast cancer. Published in BCR x2 and reviewed in Cancer Res. Artist: Nathalie Laschet: http://www.nathalielaschet.com

Art 6: Tumor heterogeneity: the thread connecting the research of our team! Artist: Kamal Lakhdar: facebook page. (Moroccan painter) 

Art 7: The breast Artist: Kamal Lakhdar: facebook page. (Moroccan painter) 

Art 8: On scientific discoveries Artist: Kamal Lakhdar: facebook page. (Moroccan painter)

Art 9: The proteasome inspired by the studies of Britschgi et al. Nature  Artist: Nathalie Laschet: http://www.nathalielaschet.com

Art 10: A generous gift of ceramics with our lab’s logo. Artist: Pat King:  https://www.ceramics-online.ch/patrick-king/

Art 11: Stress (in preparation). Inspired by our studies on the effect of stress hormones on metastasis. Obradovic et al. Nature. Artist: Valérie Merli www.callicrea.com : coming soon

Art 12: Inspired by our work on metastasis colonisation. Zilli et al. EMM 2021. Artist: Priska auf Der Mauer, PhD student, Bentires-Alj lab :

Art 13 and 14: Breast cancer dormancy (in preparation). Inspired by our studies on breast tumor dormancy. Correia et al. 2021 Artist: Valérie Merli www.callicrea.com