European Network of Breast Development and Cancer Labs

Our goal is to foster interactions between labs working on mammary gland development and cancer worldwide.

In order to facilitate joint funding applications for European specific grants, we are identifying European research groups working in this field and listing their coordinates and areas of interest/expertise in this section.

You also will find a list of labs working in this field, interviews of key figures, job offers, upcoming events and some mammary gland biology and breast cancer links.

We hope you’ll find this initiative useful for your research and encourage you to contribute to its development.

Committee: Momo Bentires-Alj, Rob Clarke, Gabriela Dontu, Marina Glukhova, Eva Gonzalez Suarez, Nancy Hynes,Richard Iggo, Jos Jonkers, Salvatore Pece, Matt Smalley, Torsten Stein, John Stingl, Renee van Amerongen, Maria dM Vivanco.

Contact: Momo Bentires-Alj.

Website: http://www.enbdc.org/